Grab Passerby Attention With Custom Pylon Signs

Pylon signs can attract pedestrian and commuter attention and make a positive impression on potential customers. They can help your business stand out and direct traffic to your business location due to their presence, height and stature. We offer many options including fully illuminated, multi-tenant, LED moving message signs, temperature and clock displays. The options are endless to elevate your logo and brand message above any obstructions on a sign that is single or double sided.

VizComm Signage Group Can Help With Your Commercial Pylon Signage Needs

They are effective when it comes to identifying shopping plazas and industrial complexes, car dealerships, and retail locations. From the initial stages of quote and design to installation and permitting, our sign experts at VizComm Signage Group can assist you with finding your perfect customized sign to match your company’s requirements.

Here are just a few pylon signs we offer to help you with your signage needs:

Directory Pylon Signs

A directory pylon sign is most often used for commercial properties that host multiple businesses but can also be used to showcase various onsite at a manufacturing facility. Having them to serve this function saves drivers from having to read every storefront individually, for example, if used at a strip mall location which can be a tricky task to do from behind the wheel.

Single Business Pylon Signs

A single business pylon sign is an effective way for a business to showcase their name and/or logo of their business, as well as other important information or messages they wish to share with their target audience. Just as with directory signs, they are often positioned near a road so that motorists see it before they’re right in front of the building. A single business pylon sign offers high visibility and low maintenance exposure for your business.

Custom-made pylon signs by VizComm Signs and Graphics in Fountain Valley, CA

Illuminated Pylon Signs

Did you know that your pylon signs can be illuminated? This is especially effective for businesses whose hours run late into the evening and want to be visible to potential customers after dark. Illuminated pylon signs work in the same way as illuminated channel letters and sign boxes, which are usually affixed to the building itself.

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