Custom Wayfinding Signs - Help Visitors Find The Right Way

Have you ever found yourself lost and looking for directions on the subway, in an airport, on a university campus, or even inside a small building? When visiting your business, you want to make sure your visitors are as comfortable as possible navigating your commercial space. This can easily be accomplished by including wayfinding signs in hallways, stairways and entrances to ensure that new visitors are provided with a clear sense of direction of where they need to go.

The Benefits Of Wayfinding Signs

  • Ensure visitors know that they’re in the right place.
  • Provide directions to get to a certain area or room within your building.
  • Communicating information such as what the purpose of a certain area or room is meant to be used for (ex: a meeting room, a service desk, etc.)
  • Increase safety for both clients and employees by communicating dangerous or unsafe areas.

Create Wayfinding Signage For Your Business With VizComm Signage Group

At VizComm Signage Group, we create personalized wayfinding signs that direct your visitors and complement your other signage. We’ll expertly create interior signs that use your brand’s logo, colors, and font, and build them to suit your specifications and needs. In fact, we provide all types of signage to suit your business needs in Orange County, California.

Communicate Information Through Wayfinding Signs

Informational wayfinding signs are generally used as the first step in a new environment to tell a customer where they are and what they will find. These signs can contain necessary information or give facts and history. Examples of this type of sign include standing signs, plaques or descriptions.

Easy to understand wayfinding signs for your business by VizComm in Fountain Valley, CA

Identification With Wayfinding Signage

These signs are used for pointing out a service or feature that is of use to a visitor. This type of interior wayfinding signage displays things like the names of conference rooms outside the door, the entrance to a parking garage or the loading dock of an office building.

Wayfinding Signs Can Show Visitors Where They Need To Go

Directional signs ensure that your visitors don’t lose their way when trying to navigate your space. These signs often take the form of maps of a facility and you can opt for only including main paths, to including all paths for very specific directions.

Wayfinding Signs Provide Important Safety Information

Regulatory or warning signs let people know what they can and can’t do. Other types of regulatory signs, such as ADA/AODA signs, create a safe and accessible environment. Examples of this type of sign include wet floor signs, fire safety signs, stairwell signs and all other forms of signage that will mark a safety feature in a building are all extremely important.

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