Dimensional Signs

3D dimensional letters are a popular choice for corporate offices, retail outlets, law firms, restaurants, health clinics, and other industries. Custom dimensional signs make elegant and professional looking reception and lobby signsmonument signs, and they can be integrated into awnings and installed as storefront signs. These letters are produced by cutting the letters or logos from flat materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass, acrylic, foam, PVC, wood, or whatever fits your budget.

The Benefits Of Dimensional Sign Letters

  • Dimensional signs work to attract the eyes of your customers while silencing your competition’s signage.
  • Dimensional signs are great for both indoor or outdoor usage and will last 10 to 15 years if they’re washed down every few months and quickly polished at least twice a year.
  • 3D dimensional letters are professional looking and highly attractive.
  • Dimensional letter signage is strong, durable and long-lasting, while conveying professionalism and success.
  • These signs can be manufactured quickly while being easy to maintain.

Don’t Overlook 3D Dimensional Signage For Your Business

At VizComm Signage Group, we look for creative solutions to all your signage needs in Orange County, CA.

Here are just a few custom dimensional signs we can design and install:

3D HDU Signs

  • HDU or High-Density Urethane foam is strong, light, waterproof and economical.
  • Great for creating custom shapes, HDU dimensional signs feature a carved look with smooth or textured surfaces.
  • Many use 3D HDU letter signs to recreate the look of wood.
Dimensional letter signs designed by VizComm Signage Group in Fountain Valley, CA

3D Acrylic Signs

  • Acrylic dimensional signs are often the choice for indoor applications and are especially popular in lobbies.
  • They’re also used as directional signs, room number signs and more.
  • Highly versatile, they can be cut, polished, bevel-edged, engraved or sandblasted.

3D Wood Signs

  • Wood dimensional letters and logos can be made from almost any type of wood — including weather-resistant types like cedar or redwood.
  • 3D sandblasted signs bring out the beauty of the wood grain, adding an air of natural elegance and rustic appeal.

3D Plastic Letters

  • 3D letters and logos can be formed or injection-molded from other types of plastic.
  • You can get depth and dimension at an affordable price. In addition, you can select from many colors and finishes.

3D Metal Letters

  • Dimensional metal sign logos can be brushed, painted, polished or left rusty.
  • Popular choices include aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, steel and stainless steel.
  • Dimensional metal signs offer a polished, classic look. They also deliver long-lasting durability.

Types of Dimensional Signs:

  • Foam Dimensional Letters
  • PVC Dimensional Letters
  • 3D Acrylic Sign Letters
  • Interior Dimensional Letters
  • Metal Letters for Outdoor
  • Acrylic Dimensional Sign Letters
  • Illuminated Sign Letters​

Dimensional Signs FAQs

In simple terms, it depends on the mounting methods you want to use to install the letters.

This is a complex form of signage, we recommend you speak with a sign specialist to learn more.

Metal letters made from aluminum, copper or stainless steel can be highly durable and weather resistant.

Plastics can be a cost-effective solution and can last far longer outdoors than most other materials.

Turnaround for any custom sign is about 1-2 weeks.

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