Maximizing Business Visibility: A Case Study on the Impact of Outdoor Pylon Signage

Maximizing Business Visibility - A Case Study on the Impact of Outdoor Pylon Signage

Did you know that it takes an average of 5 to 7 impressions for people to remember a brand? Creating valuable impressions is crucial to brand recognition and recall. How you show up for your customers is key to being top of mind.

This is where visibility comes in. You can have the best products or services on the market, but it won’t make that much of a difference to your success if people don’t know your business exists. The reality of breaking into a competitive market is that businesses must ensure they are visible to their target audience to generate interest in their product or service offerings.

In this blog, we will identify a key sign solution that can provide immense visibility and explain how it boosts your business’s marketing instantaneously.

Building Visibility with Outdoor Pylon Signage

At VizComm Signs & Graphics, we understand that increasing your visibility can impact your business. Through eye-catching, prominent signs, we help make it easier for your business to get in front of your ideal consumers.

We offer a wide selection of outdoor signs for this purpose and more. One of the best options we recommend to our clients is outdoor pylon signage. These are tall, towering signs that effectively display your business name.

Pylon signs are known to be highly visible sign solutions. In addition to their massive height, there is the option to add illumination. Lights make these signs more eye-catching and noticeable at any time of the day. This sign solution is ideal if your goals are to promote your business and make it easier for customers to locate you.

What Makes Pylon Signs Unique?

As there are many types of signs that your business can choose from, it is important to understand why pylon signs are different from other sign options. One of the best things about pylon signs is their ability to keep your brand visible. Not only are they anywhere from 20 to 80 feet in height, which is visible, but they can also be installed in areas that are prime marketing spaces, such as beside highways or near high-traffic areas, such as malls and busy intersections. They are then easily seen from a distance, boosting your brand.

You may be wondering, “why is it so important for my brand to be visible?” Building brand awareness and recall is an essential part of marketing your business. It is the one aspect of your business that is bound to be unique. Without branding, it can be difficult for people to distinguish you from other similar brands. As such, it’s important to find significant ways to put your brand out there and make it familiar to consumers.

The Impact of Outdoor Pylon Signage

Regardless of the size of your business, pylon signs are a great choice for outdoor signage. Here are the reasons why:

  • Highly Customizable: Pylon signs can be tailored to your specific design and branding needs. You have the freedom to choose the type of material, size, and design you want for your sign.
  • Durability: As far as outdoor signs go, pylon signs are made from hardwearing materials, like metal, aluminum, or acrylic, making them long-lasting and durable in harsh weather conditions.
  • High ROI: While pylon signs can have a significant upfront cost, the rewards you reap from these signs are well worth the amount spent, making the return on investment significant.

Your Top Choice for High-Quality Outdoor Pylon Signage

Want to be top of mind in your industry? Investing in eye-catching pylon signs is one of the best decisions you can make for your business today.

Let VizComm Signs & Graphics guide you through designing and creating the right pylon sign that gets your business out there. Call us today to get a free quote

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