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Imagine stumbling on to new business and saying to yourself: “Wow I never knew this place even existed.” We are saturated with digital messaging, as well as traditional marketing every day. Thousands of images compete for our attention. This is a common problem for many businesses, even those that have been around for years. Sometimes, the most basic advertising and marketing ideas are the most effective including intriguing window film placed in the right location. After a little while, most establishments tend to blend in due to a lack of proper signage to distinguish themselves.

Creating Beautiful Window Films

One of the best ways of engaging potential customers is by showcasing beautiful window films. Here are just a few options we offer to help make your business premises more comfortable for employees and clients:

  • Clear window film – Clear window films are printed on a transparent window vinyl allowing you to display your design without entirely obstructing your view or natural light.
  • Privacy window film – Often called “window perf” this vinyl material consists of micro-perforations that let you see out but don’t let outsiders’ easily see inside your business. Beautiful prints on the outside, based on your design, sets the tone for what your visitors see and experience when coming to your location.
  • Frosted window film – Commonly used for office décor, this window film has the appearance of etched glass to create a classy and elegant look for your office space.

Benefits of Window Film

There are numerous benefits to using window films, including:

  • Enhancing privacy – Not everyone needs to see everything that goes on inside your business, especially if your clients count on you for confidentiality. A privacy window film is perfect for solving this issue and gives the privacy that your clients are looking for without sacrificing your ability to see outside.
  • Blocking out distractions – If you have windows around you, especially ones that people walk by often, it can be quite distracting. A decorative frosted window film can solve this issue and keep you focused on the task at hand.
  • Offering a beautiful view – A brick wall or back alley aren’t the most exciting views for your employees or your clients. Instead of using clunky blinds to cover up the ‘sights’, consider installing a window film instead, which will add to the décor of the room.
  • Shielding from the sun – While a window may offer a beautiful view, it can turn into an annoyance when the sun comes into your office. Blinding sunlight can drastically reduce worker productivity. Window film is the perfect solution to help block out unwanted sunlight while also being attractive to look at.

VizComm Signs & Graphics: Custom Window Films

Use window film to advertise and make your business stand out in Cosa Mesa and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to find out how inexpensive privacy window films and frosted window films are. Take your business to the next level!

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