Transformative Effects of Backlit Lobby Signs on Business Success

Transformative Effects of Backlit Lobby Signs on Business Success

First impressions are critical when it comes to the competitive realm of business. They can affect your business image, dictate the type of relationships you build with customers, and even make or break deals. As soon as customers walk in, you want to make sure that they are generating the right perception of your business.

This is where lobby signs matter. Having a sign that welcomes customers to your business can have a huge impact on your business’s success. For this reason, it is our goal at VizComm Signs and Graphics to deliver lobby signs that elevate your brand and add a “wow” factor.

Looking for a sign that breathes new life into your lobby space? Find out how backlit lobby signs can take your business to new heights.

Understanding Backlit Lobby Signs

Before we delve into how backlit signs can help businesses, let’s first discover what they are. These are often dimensional signs – whether individual letters, numbers, or graphics – that are illuminated from behind. When mounted away from the surface, their light source creates a glow or “halo effect” around the sign. This warm glow not only improves the sign’s visibility but also makes your sign stand out.

The Visual Impact of Backlit Signs

The first impression you make can set the tone for the entire relationship you build with customers. With a stunning lobby sign, you’re sure to create not just the right first impression, but also a lasting one.

Backlit signs are the perfect way to welcome customers to your business. They don’t just look professional. These signs show customers that your business pays attention to small details. As a result, customers will begin to build a sense of trust and confidence in your business, because of the perception that you will pay attention to small details for them too.

24-Hour Brand Visibility

One of the biggest benefits of backlit signs is their visibility at any time of the day. This provides you with consistent brand exposure. Illuminated signs are great, especially for establishments that operate 24 hours a day. Hotels and hospitals, for instance, ensure that their signage makes the right impression day through night with backlit lobby signs.

Brand Awareness Meets Brand Reinforcement

Lobby signs are essential branding tools for any business. They act as a visual representation of your brand, which is an important touchpoint for people walking in. A well-designed lobby sign reinforces your brand identity, building valuable recall for your customers.

Backlit signs offer a versatile canvas for showcasing your brand identity. For instance, tech companies have the option to create a modern, futuristic sign with the help of metal dimensional signs. Regardless of your business’s preferred aesthetic or industry, we have the customization options to align your sign accordingly.

Going Beyond Aesthetics with Backlit Lobby Signs

While backlit signs are traditionally unmatched when it comes to aesthetics and design, they also offer a practical purpose. They are perfect for guiding individuals through large buildings or complex facilities. No matter the time of day, people will be able to find their way effortlessly with these illuminated signs.

With wayfinding being a crucial element of a positive customer experience, backlit signs are a must. They are essential to creating the best first impression your company can have on your customers.

A Lobby Sign That Makes Your Business Stand Out

We can’t hide the fact that the market is becoming more and more saturated. Being able to set your business apart is crucial to gaining an advantage over your competition. Every detail counts, including the type of lobby sign you choose.

Backlit lobby signs offer a distinctive edge. The visual impact these signs have elevates your business image. In turn, this enhanced business image also boosts the perceived value of the products and services you offer. The combination of all these benefits is sure to create a lasting impression on customers, making your business their preferred partner.

Cost-Effective Lobby Sign Options

Despite the visual appeal of backlit signs, this signage solution often makes people hesitant because of their perceived cost. Contrary to popular belief, these signs can be a cost-effective option. The one-time, upfront cost benefits your business for years, making it a worthwhile investment. Once installed, backlit signs keep your brand shining brightly, which positively influences your business’s success.

These illuminated signs provide optimum impact, making them a worthwhile investment. Enjoy consistent brand exposure without incurring any additional expense.

Keeping Your Brand Fresh and Relevant

The way backlit lobby signs can be customized gives you the freedom to design your sign however way you want to. Regularly updating your sign is crucial to keeping your signs fresh and your customers engaged.

For instance, you can do a basic dimensional sign for your lobby. However, you can choose to update the colors of your LED lights to change the look and feel of your sign. This minimal difference can catch people’s attention, reinforcing your brand once again.

Promoting Sustainability with Backlit Lobby Signs

Did you know that according to recent consumer statistics, 78% of customers recognize the importance of sustainability? Additionally, around 84% of consumers tend to shy away from brands that have poor environmental practices.

LED technology is now the traditional way to illuminate backlit signs, as it’s a fantastic, eco-friendly solution. Compared to traditional light sources, LEDs can conserve up to 80% more energy. Choosing options with lower environmental impact conveys the right message to your customers.

Enjoy the Impact of Backlit Lobby Signs on Your Business Today!

There is a myriad of ways backlit signs can transform your lobby space. Create the right impression and stand out by revamping your lobby with VizComm Signs and Graphics as your sign partner.

We are a full-service sign company that designs, produces, and installs a variety of sign options for your business. Our backlit lobby signs are designed not only to match your brand but also to make your business stand out.

Our commitment to excellent quality and service is what sets us apart in Orange County. Contact us today to get started and get a free consultation with our sign experts.

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