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The pandemic has prompted shutdowns and shelter-in-place orders all across the United States. Going into the first year since the pandemic began, states have been relaxing strict measures to allow businesses to start reopening. Is your business fully equipped to get things going again?

Ensuring Health & Safety through Business Signs

Adapting to this “new normal” has brought about a lot of changes when it comes to doing business operations. Whatever industry you’re in, the health and safety of both customers and staff are of top priority.

Indoor and outdoor signs have played a significant role in putting out important information about health and safety protocols. Businesses in Orange County, CA, have signs that remind visitors and staff how to keep safe.

What Signs Does My Business Need when Reopening?

As your business prepares to reopen, you should consider the different sign options you need to add to your space. Here is a checklist you can use for a successful reopening:

1. Yes, We’re Open! Storefront Signs

After being closed for months, it is now time to let your customers know that you’ll be back in business. Your storefront signs can help you do just that!

First, check on your existing signs to ensure everything is rid of any dirt or grime that may have accumulated in the past months. Check if your lighted signs are running smoothly and address any repairs or replacements if necessary.

Also, think of effective ways to catch attention and let people know when you’ll be operating. With tight budgets due to the pandemic, banners are a great sign option. They are affordable and have proven effective in getting businesses noticed. Position banners in strategic locations, and your customers are sure to know you’ll be back in business soon.

2. Health and Safety Outdoor Signs

Inform customers of safety guidelines even before they enter your space:

  • Window graphics let customers know about mandatory face coverings, modified business hours, and occupancy limitations.
  • Floor decals encourage social distancing, marking the spots that can show people how to be 6ft apart.
  • A-Frames or post signs let customers know if you offer curbside pick-ups and more.

3. Interior Signs for Safety Guidelines

Once inside, it is important to let customers and staff members know how to follow safety protocols. These interior signs can include:

  • A-frames or banners help as reminders to maintain social distancing
  • Floor graphics to mark 6ft distances as well as arrows to guide customers through one-way traffic sections
  • Vinyl signs inside restrooms that encourage proper hygiene and handwashing

Your Partner in Maintaining Health & Safety in Orange County, CA

When you’re planning to open, choose a sign company that supports your desire to keep your customers and team safe. VizComm Signs & Graphics is a full-service sign company that can help with all your reopening signage needs. We have a full understanding of local safety protocols. Our team is more than happy to guide you through the different signs you will need to get back to business.

Let us help your business adapt to the “new normal.” Contact us today for your business sign needs, and we’ll give you a free quote!

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