5 Reasons Custom Wall Murals Should Be a Part of Your Signage Plan

Custom office wall murals

Wall murals must be one of the least well-known sign options for businesses in Santa Ana, CA. When we think of a wall mural, we often think of paint and an artist spending hours upon hours on a wall, not high-quality vinyl or canvas that can be applied easily and utilized as a useful marketing tool. However, there are at least five reasons that you should consider a custom wallpaper mural as your next interior sign.

1. Simple Branding

Many of your interior signs are dedicated to your branding and making sure that your customers connect their great experience with your brand. A wall mural is a simple way to get a large focal point for branding in your space. They are great alternatives for lit lobby signs and other smaller and more complex signs.

2. Change Your Atmosphere

All signs should add some beauty to your business, and wallpaper murals are in a great position to do that. You can use them to create an accent wall in your space, drawing the eye and improving the style of the room. These signs can make such dramatic statements that they change the environment of the whole space. If you opt for a canvas mural, you can have a uniquely textured fixture in your space that allows you to use new media and have images pop.

3. Engage Your Customers

Of course, no sign is just about beauty. Use your walls to engage your customers and make sales. You can put up images of products or create an infographic that explains your customer’s common questions about your services. Either can engage them and make them more likely to make a purchase.

Another way to engage your customers with custom murals is to stave off their boredom. Create an intricate scene on your wall that children or adults can look at while they wait.

4. Protect Your Wall

It is a common myth that the vinyl sheets murals are made of will damage your walls. That’s not true. In fact, wall murals protect the wall beneath them from dirt and scratches. You can use wall murals as temporary signage, and easily peel them off when you’re done. In fact, many of these signs are reusable, so you can create wall murals with seasonal themes and use them year after year.

5. Cost-Effective Size

Custom murals can be quite large, to cover very tall or wide walls. For their size, they are very cost-effective. That’s because vinyl is a simple, flexible material to print on.

Create a Great Wall Mural with VizComm Signs & Graphics

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