Different Types of Window Film and How Do They Work

Window Film

There are many reasons why businesses invest in window film — both indoors and out. You may not consider your windows to be valuable real estate, but a wide range of films will help you to make the most of your window and glass space. From privacy window film to frosted window film, the benefits that they bring to your business are vast. Below are just a few of the films that VizComm Signs & Graphics offers for Orange County businesses, along with details on how they can improve your business space.

1. Window Graphics That Are Custom Printed

If you’re looking to turn your windows into free advertising space, window graphics are the answer. Perhaps you’re looking to list your store hours on the door? Or, maybe you own a restaurant and want to showcase your daily specials on the front window? Window graphics are cost-effective plus they’re quick and easy to install. Best of all, with so many options available, our team will work with you to select a solution that best communicates your brand’s message.

2. Window Graphics That Are Clear

If you don’t want to completely obstruct your view, clear or frosted window film is the best choice. These films are printed on transparent window vinyl so that you can still display a logo or design but in a more subtle way. Some businesses use clear vinyl to cut glare and reduce incoming heat, without eliminating light entirely.

3. Window Film for Privacy

Window perforated films offer you the ability to custom print the image you want on your windows and doors, while adding an element of privacy. Window perforation allows you to see out but prevents others from seeing in during daylight hours. Many businesses, including retailers, turn to this solution for their office doors, windows and even on glass-walled meeting rooms. They allow your office to still have a bright, open and airy concept, with the benefit of added privacy.

4. Vinyl Cut Lettering for Windows

Colored vinyl comes in a range of colors that you can use to display your business’ name or logo. At VizComm, we will cut the vinyl to the exact size and shape you need to create your custom image. Best of all, if you ever need to remove the lettering, the self-leveling film adhesive can be taken down with no smudges or streaks. When it comes to vinyl, your options are not limited to windows alone. Many local businesses have turned to VizComm for films on their glass walls, vehicles and more. If you’re ready to take advantage of your interior and exterior windows in the Los Angeles and Fountain Valley areas, contact us to discuss your options for various types of film.

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