How Dimensional Letter Signs Make a Business Stand Out

Dimensional signs

Commercial signage can become outdated in a number of ways. Sometimes branding is out of alignment, while other times the elements take a toll on physical signs. As signage has changed over the years, it is important to continue to stand out with your visual communications. An emerging trend we are seeing in business signage around Orange County, as well as in Southern California is the use of dimensional letter signs.

Dimensional Office Signs Bring Your Business to Life

Unlike traditional signage that is flat or can be hidden from view, dimensional signs will help your business stand out, especially amongst all the other surrounding business signs, colors, and textures. Dimensional office signs can be customized to reflect your brand’s personality, whether that is fun or playful or classy and elegant.

Dimensional signage can take many forms. At VizComm Signs & Graphics, we help businesses achieve that goal through custom 3-dimensional signs that stand out above the crowd in a unique way. Count on us to help you create a unique and differentiated look for your business, whether it is an interior or exterior project.

Custom 3-Dimensional Signs Create Excitement

There are many options including foam backed acrylic lettering that is mounted internally or externally and can create shadows and dimension. This non lit option is the most affordable way to create a new look for your business. A combination of logos, and messaging can be easily updated and professionally installed.

Lit signage is another option. Customers will be attracted to your sign at nighttime if you customize your signs further to include LED or neon lighting. Your signage can glow at night with the foillowing types of options:

  • Front–Lit Dimensional Letters: Letters are internally lit through LED lighting which is projected through the surface to showcase your sign day or night.
  • Halo–Lit Dimensional Letters: Light is emitted from behind the letters and reflected onto the mounting surface to make your sign stand out 24/7 every day.
  • Open–Face Dimensional Letters: Letter faces are exposed or open to allow neon illumination, which creates a brighter and more eye-catching sign.

The Benefits of Dimensional letter Signs

Getting noticed is the most important aspect of signage. Succinctly telling your message, whether branding or messaging, is a close second. If your business signs blends in with the building, or is outdated, you simply aren’t getting the most out of this marketing opportunity. Updating your signage, both internally and externally can create a high ROI for your business. Dimensional signs stand out, literally, increasing your visibility and boosting your brand recognition.

Dimensional office signs are also an affordable form of standout advertising. For a one-time investment, they offer a lot of bang for the buck!

VizComm Signs & Graphics: Custom Dimensional Signage That Will Light Your Customers Up

At VizComm Signs & Graphics, we can help your business reach success through custom signage. Whether interior or exterior, signage plays a huge role in branding, messaging, and way finding and should be part of your plan for growing your business. Contact us today to book your complimentary consultation and to receive a personalized quote.

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