Why Lobby Signs Are Vital to Make a Good First Impression?

Attractive custom office lobby signs in Fountain Valley, CA

Why do sign companies talk about custom lobby signs as making a good “first impression,” when many of the people walking through your door will have heard about your brand before? Hearing about your brand is like hearing someone’s name-dropped in conversation nearby. Walking into your brick and mortar store is like meeting your brand for the first time. That first impression is important—and the fifth impression matters too. Here’s why custom lobby signs are so vital.

Own Your Space

When your customer walks into your space, you want them to have a good experience. Your receptionist is helpful and directs them, if they have to wait nearby it is a peaceful environment. Of course, the space also seems clean and light. You want to connect all those positive impressions to your brand so that you get the benefits of its long term. When your customer thinks of your brand, they should remember these positive feelings. A backlit lobby sign can help you mark your space as yours.

Make Your Brand Stick

How many repetitions does it take for your branding to stick in your customer’s mind? If you want to become synonymous with your product or service, at least to your most loyal customers, you should take the opportunity to remind them of your brand whenever you can. This is the same reason that brands that ship goods have branded packaging or the reason most stores offered branded bags. That, and free advertising.

Another Advertising Opportunity

Have you ever walked by a shop or office and glanced inside to see what was going on? Many people do, and when they look into your store you want them to know your brand and have a positive impression. Backlit lobby signs make your brand look professional, put-together, and successful. These are all great things to project to get more business from curious onlookers and to develop more loyalty from existing customers.

Get the Right Lobby Sign from VizComm Signs & Graphics

An office lobby sign represents your brand more than almost any other sign. Therefore, it is important to get all of the details right, from your brand font to your brand colors. At VizComm Signs & Graphics, we can create custom lobby signs that truly look and feel like your brand. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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