Different Types of Door Signs and How to Choose the Right One

custom door signs with logos

Do you feel like your business space reflects your business personality? Adding the right business signs can really help you define your brand, welcome visitors, and deliver a better overall customer experience. Custom door signs can be a great tool to make the most of your business space. With plenty of options to choose from, why wouldn’t you make sure the door of your Santa Ana business sends the right message to your audiences?

Regardless of industry, every door should have some type of signage to help people engage with your brand and help them find their way. Adding custom door signs with logos can be a simple addition, but one that offers plenty of benefits for business of all sizes.

Your Guide to Custom Door Signs

VizComm Signs & Graphics has created all kinds of custom office door signs that supports business growth and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have. In the meantime, keep reading for some helpful tips and information on how to create the right custom door signs for your business.

The options available when it comes to custom office door signs in California are plenty. To start, think of all the elements you’d like included in your signage. Are you looking for something simple? Or would a custom door sign with a logo be a better fit? With just a bit of imagination, you can have a full color work of art greeting everyone who comes to your door!

Depending on where you need to add door signs, a raised logo may work best. However, for custom door signs used on other doors inside the company, something modest that labels the space and is ADA compliant may be all that is necessary.

More specifically, some of the different types of door signs you may want to consider include:

  • Office name signs or door plaques.
  • ADA, or American Disabilities Act which is signage that is conveniently located and easy to read both visually and through tactile touch
  • Door signs like “push/pull” or “exit” to help manage flow and create a safer space.
  • Custom door signs with logos. These are especially essential if you are in an office building with other companies.

One of the additional added benefits of custom office door signs is being able to choose the design and style that works for you. Popular material options include:

  • Aluminum
  • PVC
  • Acrylic
  • Brass
  • Wood

Once you get a better idea of where you want to start, our team at VizComm Signs & Graphics can walk you through potential design options. From choosing specific colors that align with your brand to the metal in shades of gold or copper, it’s possible to design a custom door sign that elevates your image. In addition to color, we can also customize your sign using different shapes. While rectangular signs remain quite popular, custom shapes are certainly an option and can be just the thing you’re looking for to help your business stand out.

Get the Custom Door Signs Your Santa Ana Business Needs

At VizComm Signs & Graphics, we’ll work with you to provide unique and detailed options that will result in the best custom door signs for your business. From helping you choose the colors, the size and the materials that reflect your style and vision, you can count on us to deliver high quality signs that will make a positive impact. To find out more about door signs in Santa Ana, contact VizComm Signs & Graphics today.

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