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Are you looking for a sure-fire way to elevate your business’s marketing strategy? Do you want to enhance your office or building’s visual appeal and professionalism?

It’s time to consider adding acrylic signs to your signage system. Not only do they offer a multitude of benefits, but they are versatile, which means they can be used for an array of sign types as well.

With the help of a high-quality signage partner like VizComm, boost your business to new heights. Give us a call if you’re ready to kickstart your next signage project.

What is Acrylic?

Experienced business owners know that there are many options for signage materials, and it is important to choose the right one. That’s why understanding what acrylic is and why it should be your top choice is critical.

Acrylic, also known as plexiglass, is a transparent plastic material that has unique characteristics. Due to its durability, rigidity, and sturdiness, it is excellent for both indoor and outdoor signage solutions. While the traditional option is keeping the signage clear for enhanced professionalism and a clean aesthetic, customizing the color and/or finish of acrylic is also available. This allows your plexiglass signs to be personalized to your unique needs and preferences.

Learn About the Benefits Acrylic Signs Offer

Maximize the use of your signage solutions by understanding the benefits that your business unlocks when it chooses to invest in acrylic signs. Here are the top advantages you gain:

  • Durability: While acrylic resembles glass in appearance, the resemblance stops there, as acrylic is long-lasting, durable, and sturdy, unlike glass.
  • Customization: Seamlessly integrate your branding into your custom acrylic signs by taking advantage of its high degree of customization. From color and finish to font and lettering, the sky is your limit.
  • Weather Resistance: Unlike many sign solutions, acrylic can be used both indoors and outdoors, as it is weather resistant, shatter resistant, and easy to clean. This allows another level of cohesion within your entire signage system.
  • Eco-Friendly: As many consumers shift to adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle, shift with them by investing in eco-friendly advertising tools. Acrylic is recyclable, which means it can be properly disposed of when its long lifespan comes to an end.

Choose Your Ideal Acrylic Signs

The first step in determining the right kind of acrylic signs is establishing the reason for the signs. Do you want to provide customers with directional assistance? Are you interested in labelling important rooms, conference rooms, and offices? Once you know why you need a sign, you can find the perfect sign to fulfill your needs. Browse a few popular examples below:

  • Acrylic Letters
  • Door Plaques
  • Wayfinding Signage
  • Acrylic Sign Board
  • Lobby Signs

Work with the Right Signage Partner

At VizComm, we deliver high-quality, impactful, and stunning sign solutions that cater to our clients’ unique needs. Our expert team is dedicated to not only creating designs that embody your business’s brand and personality but also fostering a positive customer experience.

If you’re looking for captivating, custom acrylic signs, or any other type of signage, our full-service sign shop is the right partner in success for you.

Give us a call today to book your free consultation or to speak with one of our sign specialists about your next signage project. We’re excited to work with you!

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I engaged VizComm Signage Group on new branding for our headquarters. From the earliest days, I found them responsive, solution oriented and easy to work with. We took the project through permitting, fabrication of the exterior sign and finally installation in about 6 weeks time. That kind of work on signage this big is appreciated. The outcome was fantastic! We would highly recommend them.

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